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“Beyond Sport: Traditional Archery – A Timeless Connection to Heritage, Patience, and Nature”

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The Barn

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Frequently asked questions

We meet you in person, explain the barn safety rules, hand out your key fob for the entrance door and to sign a waiver.

The idea behind the Barn is to have a place to practise and shoot together with friends or family when ever you have time on hand. 

To do so the Barn online booking system is limited to 5 persons per time-slot to ensure relaxed shooting.

Everyone who signed up will get one key fob. Family/Couple will get 2 key fobs. Any extra key-fob, or lost key fobs is $10.00
Please let us know immediately when you lost your key fob. 
Please note that it is strictly forbidden to share your keyfob with non-members of Barn Archers. These rules are in place for various reasons, including building trust among members. Violating these rules will result in the immediate termination of your membership.

It depends. As an absolute beginner we recommend at least 3 sessions.
Your coach will evaluate your ability and will discuss the next steps.

Compound shooting is very well supported through Archery Canada and Archery Nova Scotia. Most archery stores have a wide range of compound bows and accessories. The Barn supports  traditional, recurve, horsebow or olympic recurve.

Children are welcome to shoot at the Barn. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Please do not bring a non-member for archery to ‘The Barn’ without contacting John at 902-371-4718 in advance.
If you are a member and recommend ‘The Barn’ to someone else (who might like to try archery or will get back into shooting), please make sure to contact John at 902-371-4718 beforehand. Anyone who wishes to shoot at the facility must be assessed by John.

Yes, we are a group of traditional archery loving archers.
The Barn resulted out of a dream, an idea and here we are.
The dream of Bridget & Joe was to build a place for shooting arrows during the winter, bad weather or bug season.
During the ‘thinking’ process the decision was made to offer it to everyone.
Like John mentions on his website: “share the passion for traditional archery”.

Yes, you can. John knows all about it. Call him directly @902-371-4718, or meet him at The Barn.

Traditional or Instinctive archery: All you’ll need is a bow, some arrows, and something to shoot at. Shooting traditional/instinctive means there are no sights or stabilizers mounted to the bow, no adjustable arrow rest, no string walking. 
It’s like playing darts or baseball: You look at your target and hit it. 🙂

This is just a short overview. For more detailed information please visit the Archery Canada Rule book section.

Yes, it is. Please fill out the form for group gatherings here or contact John @ 902-371-4718, Bridget @902-322-2211 or send an email to

The Barn uses the pro series (competition) of Rinehart Targets. Targets prices are between $350 – $2500 per target.

Yes, you can. If the right course for you is not listed on our website or booking site, please call John @902-371-4718. He will arrange a course that fits you and your family needs.


Together we can do more