Down by the Bay – 3D traditonal archery tournament

‘The Barn’ is on the road again toward the Bay of Fundy.

Down by the Bay archery club put on their annual 3D tournament for traditional archers only.
More than 40 archers showed up for the 2-day event on August 13 and 14. 
Two excellent, traditional friendly, courses were set up with 20 targets each and not only Mountain lions on trees.
OK – let’s go. The weather was beautiful on Saturday and all archers did an excellent job. Not only on the arrows searching topic 🙂

The 50/50 fun shoot in the afternoon was another highlight of the event and the winner was: Jennifer Clarke.

On both days delicious food was provided by the scouts. Saturday ended with an outstanding potluck dinner provided by the Down by the Bay team. 

The Sunday morning greeted us with heavy rain. Rain gear was the order of the day. Grit your teeth and get to it! No pain, no gain!

The rain stopped just before the start but halfway through the course, it started raining again and…I do not have to tell you that the arrows have somehow their own will when the feathers are wet and almost gone…What can I tell – it was a successful shooting, even in the rain.

In the afternoon the sun finally says ‘Hi’ and as a result, we had a very nice award ceremony with a lot of door prizes as well.

A BIG THANK YOU to the DBTB team for a very well-organized event, and to everyone who showed up to support this wonderful sport of traditional archery.

CONGRATULATIONS to all archers!