Barn Champions 2022

Open House, Barn Christmas and Barn Champions Awards…

December 3, 2022

Saturday, December 3rd was a busy day at The Barn.

The afternoon began with an Open House from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Barn Archers and John’s Archery invited everyone to try archery. 14 ‘future’ archers of all ages took up the challenge, found their way to The Barn, and shot some arrows. In addition to shooting, quite a bit of chatting and laughing was the motto of the day. Archers and guests, all had a blast.

With an Open House and a meeting of all the regulars later on, Christmas cookies, treats, coffee, tea and hot chocolate were available all afternoon and evening.

Open House Impressions…

The Barn Archers Christmas celebration started at 6:00 pm.

After Santa handed out gift bags to all the attending nineteen Barn Insiders, Friends and Family it was time for the welcome greetings.
After that, because we are on Cape Breton Island, the evening started with a meal. There was quite a buffet! Cabbage rolls, chilli, potato salad, biscuits, sandwiches, olives, cheese, enchiladas, desserts, and a lot of sweets and treats. All homemade! Delicious!!! What a feast it was.

We like to introduce Barn Archers’ newest members: Susan and Tristan. They just joined this Saturday. Tristan is shooting an Olympic recurve bow. The first Olympic recurve shooter here at The Barn. Welcome!

The Barn Archers Championship 2022 in the different categories were tied up, so there had to be a Shoot-Off. After everyone was bolstered (did we mention the fantastic food?), the qualified shooters warmed up and shot a few arrows.

Let the games begin: 3 targets, two arrows each, tournament scoring 5-8-10-10X. A neck and neck finish in which only a fraction of an inch separated the winners from the runner-ups.

First to the line were the ‘Girls’ Night’ ladies for second and third place, Elsie, Shauntelle and Catherine. Unfortunately, Shauntelle couldn’t make it and was not able to attend.
Elsie won this round and got her first Silver Medal. The Bronze Medal went to Catherine. Well deserved ladies.

The second act of the evening was the Wednesday group ‘Hit the Target’ shoot-off for second and third place. In the first round, the second place had to be determined. On the line: Elsie, Donnie, Petra and Catherine. It was tight…
Petra won second place with just two points ahead of Catherine. Congratulations!

Shoot-off for third followed. On the line: Catherine, Janice, Elsie and Donnie.
Janice won third place by quite a margin. Excellent shooting of all competitors.

‘Girl’s Night’ Barn Champions of 2022:
1st place: Petra
2nd place: Elsie
3rd place: Catherine

Wednesday night Barn Champions of 2022:
1st place: Thomas
2nd place: Petra
3rd place: Janice

The Youth Class Barn Champion of 2022 did not had to be decided at the elimination stage: Maddy is the winner of 2022.

Congratulation to ALL competitors! Well done! Great job!

Finally, let us shout out a loud “Thank you” to all Barn Archers! For all the help (very often behind the scene), the homemade food, the laughs, the advice, the ideas…
And now, all that remains to be said is the conclusion of yesterday’s gathering:
The Barn Archers – a great group of traditional archery lovers. Here we go again: ‘together we can do more’.

Shoot straight and see you at The Barn!