3D-Summer Sizzle Shoot

Summer Sizzle Shoot. What a great weekend. WOW!

Here it comes!
Barn Archers and John’s Archery held their first traditional 3D outdoor shoot ‘The Summer Sizzle Shoot’ this weekend on August 12 and 13 and it was totally awesome!

The weather was perfect. The shotgun start for the first round was on Saturday at 11.15 am.
We had a great bunch of shooters who came out to have some fun shooting arrows in the woods and supporting the traditional archery sport.

One of the shooters, Christian, had the longest journey – all the way from Quebec! Next year, we’ll aim to learn more French and Christian will try to improve his English (just kidding), but no worries, lots of laughter and good vibes were flowing in the woods.

Lunch was served after the first round and it was amazing! The second round was followed by a BBQ of burgers, sausages, and delicious meatloaf.

On Sunday morning, the third and final round was held and all shooters were doing great! We closed out the event with another excellent lunch buffet and an award ceremony to celebrate the winners.

‘Thank you’ to all the helpers, supporters, and shooters who made this event a success!
Looking forward to 2024!