2023 Atlantic Outdoor 3D Championships


On Saturday, the Barn Archers had an amazing shoot for the Barn Trophy.

After the event in the late afternoon, a couple of Barn Archers headed towards New Glasgow to attend the 2023 Atlantic Outdoor 3D Championships hosted by the Northumberland Strait Shooters Archery Club.

The event consisted of two rounds of 20 targets, and a judge checked the gear before the start. The weather was fantastic, making it a perfect day for shooting.

Barn Archers did well, and we want to thank the Northumberland Strait Shooters team for hosting such a fantastic event. It was well-organized, with delicious food and incredible archers. We are eagerly anticipating the 2024 event and wish the NSSAC all the best with their new facility.


First place in their category:
Eric Morneau
Jeremy Morneau
Bridget Benz

Third place in their category:
Karen Cann

Photo credit to Brielle  MacDonald and Bridget Benz
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