Cape Breton Bowmen Shoot June 2023

Cape Breton Bowmen Shoot

Hey there! 

Just wanted to take a moment and give a huge shoutout to the Cape Breton Bowmen for hosting an absolutely amazing and exciting 3D shoot event this Sunday, June 25th.

The event was super convenient as it was located close to Barn Archers, and the turnout was fantastic.

It was so great to see a great group of compound shooters and traditional archers come together and participate in such a well-organised event.

The course was incredible, with plenty of exciting shots that kept the thrill going all day long. On top of all that, the lovely weather was just the cherry on top!

Hats off to the Cape Breton Bowmen for putting together such an enjoyable event. It was a cool experience for everyone involved.

Congratulations to all the winners and the Barn Archers team on their impressive performance!

The Compound Division